Belgian MD Championships - WRE event (14/05/2019)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Stambruges
Organiser: ASUB
Country: Belgium
Discipline: Middle
My first ever WRE event. Bolted out of the starting line then took 8 minutes to locate the first control (a 2-minute leg at most) although apparently ran just past it. Overshot it, had to go back from the clearing (subsequently found out that Belgium's finest runner took 11:19 to find it :-). Third time in a row that I screwed up right on the first control... Then ran a clinically clean race on my own from 3 to 10. Then came a problem: a butterfly so detailed and minute that I just couldn't read it. Took my glasses off and pretty much walked / jogged all through the butterfly, otherwise I wouldn't have been able to decipher the route. The run out of the arena after the switch of the map appeared very confusing to me, but that was probably my fault, nobody else had an issue. The end was clean and fast all the way to the 30th control where I lost 3 more minutes ... A great experience. Too bad about the scale (even though 1:10000 is a rule for WRE)
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Belgian MD Championships - WRE event (14/05/2019)